Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fleather note-books

Hello again, another weekend nearly finished and I thought that today I would share my attempt at faux leather, inspired by Sheena Douglass.   

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I used brown kraft card (available from Crafter's Companion) which I sprayed liberally with a mixture of glycerin (available from your chemist) and water until I was able scrunch the card up.  I did this a couple of times, each time massaging the glycerin mixture into the paper fibres.  I then embossed the card using my Grand Caliber and a Sheena Douglass embossing folder.  I can't remember what their particular names are but you can get them from Crafter's Companion too.  I love her embossing folders and I have been having a good experiment this week on all the different things you can create with them.

Anyway I digress.  Wait for the card to dry.  I hung them over a rack in craft room overnight (it's pretty cold up here so it would probably dry quicker if I bought them downstairs!).  Now the fun bit. Using distress inks and a blending tool, I distressed the card.  On the brown one, I used Ranger's vintage photo and adirondack's expresso.  The green one, I used adirondack pesto and lettuce (I'm note sure if this had any effect though as I started with pesto first) and finished off with a bit of vintage photo. You can use any colour you want.  I am going to experiment with reds and blacks next.

Now how to get that shiny leather look and to give your notebook a bit of durability. Spray some Crafter's Companion Spray and Shine.  Once you've sprayed it, rub it in a bit because you don't want it to be glossy shiny.

Ok, now you are ready to line your book with fabric.  

Choose a fabric that has a fairly small print. Cut your fabric so it is oversized.  Sheena suggested using a tacky glue.  I used Pinflair book binding glue which I applied in stages and used a credit card to smooth out any creases or air bubbles.  Then use a guillotine to trim.  As I haven't got one (my next crafty purchase I think?!), I used scissors but it wasn't ideal.  Another investment would be a corner cutter.  Mine are not very accurate but I was very excited to get on.  I should have marked them out first but went at it a bit gun ho!

On how to do the paper inserts, I suggest you have look at Sheena's YouTube tutorial.  She will explain it far better than me.  Here is a link -  You definitely need a guillotine here too.  My rotary cutter is OK for single sheets but anything more, it just can't cope.  I think the paper I used was a little too heavy.  Sheena suggests cartridge paper.  If you are making a special notebook, you could look for some really nice, even handmade papers.

The only thing I did differently was glue a piece of ribbon down the centre (about halfway down the spine) and then sewed the signatures through that as well.  When I get chance I shall get some metal charms and attach them to the bottom of the piece of ribbon.  Next I'm going to try something a bit bigger.  Sheena made a cover for her tablet. I'm thinking of using it to cover one of my jewellery boxes.  I am definitely going to make more notebooks though. I think they will make cool gifts for people.  Well done Sheena for another fab idea!

Well better finish here.  Need to tidy up a bit - it's like a bomb has hit!  Have a good crafty week.

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