Sunday, 19 January 2014

'Sew' what have I been up to...

Well, as I suspected, I was completely rubbish at keeping up my blog.  Christmas has been and gone in a frenzy of designing, making and crafting and now in this post-festive season period, when things are a bit calmer, there is more time to reflect.  Saying that we are now in mid-Jan and I am wondering where the last three weeks have gone since I've been back at school. Anyway, school work aside (all ways far too much to do), my to-do list has somewhat diminished and my crafting and making has become an enjoyable optional thing once again.

So what kept me so busy in the weeks prior to Xmas.  Well one in particular was a sewing box designed for my lovely sister-in-law.  Commissioned in October, with a strict specification, I of course left it 'till the beginning of December to even look at my plans.  Anyway, after a few late evenings in the school workshop, it was finally completed, the day before we broke up and headed off on our annual grand tour of the UK visiting the relatives.

Made from MDF, it has two drawers and shelf on the top.  Plenty of room for all those sewing bits and bobs.

Hanging with the little ribbon guys ... still naked!

My sister-in-law, in particular wanted storage for all her ribbons, so I made so little ribbon people on the laser cutter.  Cute eh. 

I gave a the MDF a light finish of a cream emulsion paint.  MDF being very porous of course, it soaked the paint in but I quite like that as I was going for a distressed look.  I lasered the designs onto the front using images from Polkadoodles Picknix 'All Sewn Up' CD and designed some myself using Corel Draw.

Despite the stress and one or two hiccups; the bottom drawer was too big (rubbish measuring on my part but remedied by my wonderful technician at school ... phew) and the fact that I didn't leave myself anywhere near enough time to complete it, but my sister-in-law was delighted with her gift and that made it all worth while. 

And me ... well my New Year's resolution this year is to start making gifts NOW!

She was very happy with it!

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